Quality Policy


LFE is fully committed to the achievement and maintenance of the highest standards of quality in all their operations. We actively encourage participation at all levels in the maintenance and continuous improvement of quality in our services and products.

High quality standards have been set for design, materials, workmanship, inspection, costing and management and our system also meets all regulatory requirements applicable to the services we provide to our customers/clients. All employees are expected to take responsibility for the quality and environmental impacts of their own work and encouraged to actively contribute to the continual improvement of our standards.

We strive to achieve our industries, leading position in providing to our customers, at a competitive price, the highest quality of services. The management team periodically reviews the performance of our quality management practices and our quality objectives to ensure their effectiveness and their continuing suitability.

We strive..

  • To ensure compliance with all relevant legal & statutory regulations
  • To avoid excessive energy consumption
  • To reduce the generation of waste
  • To prevent any form of environmental pollution
  • To promote and facilitate the usage of recycled products and materials